Mill & Overlay

Mill & OverlayThere are multiple methods for repairing damaged pavement, each catering to a different kind and extent of damage. If your pavement has sustained surface-level damage covering a significant area, then the best solution is to get a mill and overlay.

Our expert paving contractors are very experienced in the mill and overlay process. We begin by removing a few inches from the top layer using a milling machine and then we install an overlay on the pavement. However, we make sure the sub-base and base are in good condition before removing the existing surface. Our team performs milling and overlaying with utmost precision and care to prevent premature pavement failure.

You can expect nothing but the best from us! We are well-equipped with premium quality materials and tools to cater to all your pavement repair needs. Our team guarantees exceptional quality pavement that offers longevity and beauty to boost your property’s curb appeal.

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