Asphalt Installation

Asphalt Installation
Most business owners think about their commercial building, their equipment, and other aspects of their business before they think about their commercial pavement. However, your asphalt parking lot, loading zones, and walkways are vital for making a first impression on customers and you need a professional asphalt paving company to help you make your pavement safe and attractive.

Mix-Tek: the Asphalt Installation Specialists in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

For professional asphalt installation services in Wisconsin and Minnesota, Mix-Tek is the paving company that local businesses trust. Not only are we experienced in asphalt installation, repair, and commercial pavement maintenance. This means we cannot only pave your parking lot but also help you keep it beautiful and safe.

Our Advanced Asphalt Installation Process

The process of asphalt paving that leads to durable pavement involves several important steps. Here is a general overview of the process:

Site Preparation: Proper site preparation is crucial for ensuring a long-lasting pavement. This includes clearing the area of debris, grading the surface to ensure proper drainage, and compacting the soil to prevent settling.

Base Course Installation: Once the site is properly prepared, a base course of aggregate material is installed and compacted. This provides a stable foundation for the asphalt pavement.

Asphalt Mix Production: The asphalt mix is produced in a plant, where the right combination of aggregate, binder, and other materials is mixed to create a high-quality, durable asphalt mix.

Asphalt Placement: The asphalt mix is transported to the job site and placed on the prepared base course using a paving machine. The mix is then compacted to achieve the desired thickness and density.

Finishing: Once the asphalt is compacted, the surface is finished using a roller or other equipment. This helps create a smooth, level surface and ensures the asphalt is fully compacted.

Curing: The asphalt pavement is allowed to cure for several days to ensure that it is fully hardened and durable.

Pavement Maintenance: Regular asphalt maintenance, including crack filling and sealcoating, is essential for preserving the durability and appearance of your new pavement.

By following this process for asphalt paving, you can ensure that your pavement is durable, long-lasting, and able to withstand the demands of heavy use and harsh weather conditions.

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