Line Striping

Line Stripping
Line striping refers to the stripes on roads and parking lots that help direct traffic in commercial and residential areas. Without them, accidents would become more prevalent, and property damage would rise.

Therefore, Mix-Tek saves you from that hassle by offering parking lot signage services, which entails using signs to create traffic flow in your parking areas. These signs will allow visitors to know where to take an exit or entry, and where to park their cars properly.

Getting a parking lot signage is mandatory as per ADA regulations to ensure that drivers with disabilities are provided with sufficient parking space. Our striping and signage services include ADA compliant striping and signage, logo and design striping, parking stall striping, signage and curb painting, arrows for road navigation, and customized lettering and striping services.

Why pavement marking matters

Pavement markings are essential if you want to guide your visitors around your commercial property effectively. You must have accurately-spaced lines and opaquely-colored stripes for more straightforward navigation. If your pavement markings are poorly marked and faded, you could end up paying liability to your visitors if they endure an accident on your damaged parking lot.

If your parking lot line stripes and signage have started to fade away, its high time you contacted Mix-Tek to improve your parking lot appeal. We install signage posts, delineators, and bollards while complying with state regulations in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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