Parking Lot Repair

Parking Lot Repair
When your commercial parking lot develops cracks, potholes, or the line striping has faded, you need a commercial paving expert who can use advanced parking lot repair methods to target just the damage you have, so you’re not paying for more than you need.

At Mix-Tek, we have the commercial pavement expertise to correctly diagnose any parking lot problem and apply the perfect asphalt repair solutions. We’re here to help Wisconsin business owners save money on their pavement by helping their asphalt live a longer life.

Parking Lot Repair Solutions by Mix-Tek

The purpose of parking lot repair services is to avoid expensive asphalt replacement, just like getting regular check-ups prevents expensive surgeries down the line. Each of the repair solutions offered by Mix-Tek addresses a minor pavement issue to keep the whole parking lot healthy for longer.

Crack Filling
By filling smaller cracks in your parking lots, cracks that are under ¼ inch wide and less than an inch deep, you keep them from growing, intersecting, and causing pavement breakdown. Without professional crack sealing services, cracks become potholes in no time!

Infrared Asphalt Repairs
Infrared patch and crack repairs are some of the newest, most advanced asphalt repair methods that use infrared heat to melt the edges of damaged pavement so that it blends with filler asphalt, resulting in a seamless parking lot repair.

Asphalt Resurfacing
When other repair methods don’t do the trick or your parking lot is older, there are asphalt resurfacing methods that can replace or apply a brand-new asphalt overlay that gives your parking lot a fresh life.

Mix-Tek: Let us diagnose your parking lot repair needs!
If you’re ready to fix that pothole that all your employees have been driving around for months, it’s time to contact Mix-Tek, The premier parking lot repair contractor. We won’t try to sell you pavement remedies you don’t need! We use only the most advanced asphalt repair techniques to ensure that your commercial pavement is smooth and safe again.

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